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Fearless Fathers Program


Fearless Fathers Program

 Maybe someone you know is looking to become a better dad, whether it’s as a new father or he’s had children for a while. Some dads just need a little help along the way – encouragement, instruction, and just someone to talk to. Our Fearless Fathers Program is a great way to get started down this path. We provide mentors who will guide dads through the process of becoming a new father or help them develop better parenting skills if they already have children.

LPC’s Fatherhood program is reaching many men in the community. To learn more about the importance of fathers in our society, check out this video: The Connections Project. It tells the story of a man who grew up without the guidance of his father, and the journey he took to turn his life around for his young son.

We offer two programs:

The 24/7 Dad Program focuses on the emotional and nurturing areas of fatherhood. Dads meet with a mentor for 12 sessions to discuss everything from discipline to eating together as a family.

The Doctor Dad Program focuses on the needs of children. Dads meet with a mentor for four sessions to learn how to take the baby’s temperature, dispense medicine and other useful techniques.

Certificates of completion are distributed at the end of each program. And, dads can even earn “Baby Bucks” to use to purchase items for their babies – like diapers, formula, baby clothes, and more!

Call our office at 843-553-3505 for more information or to enroll in the program.